By American Academy of Ophthalmology, Steven I. Rosenfeld, MD

ISBN-10: 1560557990

ISBN-13: 9781560557999

Reports the anatomy, body structure, embryology, and pathology of the lens. additionally offers an summary of lens and cataract surgical procedure, and describes the issues of surgical procedure.

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Anatomy 19 4. The suspensory ligament of the lens (the zonule) a b c d Attaches the lens to the ciliary body. Is part of the iridocorneal angle. Is composed of smooth muscle. Transmits changes in tension to the lens capsule. 5. The posterior chamber a b c d Is another name for the vitreous body. Lies between the iris, lens and ciliary body. Contains aqueous humour, secreted by the ciliary processes. Is in communication with the anterior chamber. 6. The tear film a b c d e Is 100 µm thick. Is composed of four layers.

Trauma can also cause conjunctival injection (vessel dilation). • Chemical injury may be associated with generalized or local conjunctival inflammation, but alkali burns may cause ischaemic whitening, signifying severe tissue damage. 2 Red eye: causes and symptoms. 3 Red eye: differential diagnosis. Deep red, sclera obscured Subconjunctival haemorrhage Diffuse bulbar and tarsal injection Infective conjunctivitis Allergic conjunctivitis Angle closure glaucoma Reaction to topical medication Dry eyes In association with orbital cellulitis Diffuse/focal bulbar injection Episcleritis Scleritis Chemical injury Endophthalmitis Pingueculae Pterygia Eyelid malposition Blepharitis Perilimbal (ciliary) injection Iritis Keratitis Corneal abrasion Corneal ulcer Corneal foreign body Infection The commonest site of infection is the conjunctiva itself.

1982) Testing the Field of Vision. ) (a) Nasal Fixation Small low-intensity light stimulus History, symptoms and examination 35 36 History, symptoms and examination closing his eye on the same side. If the patient’s left eye is covered the examiner closes their own, right eye. The test object, traditionally the head of a large white hat pin, is then brought into view from the periphery and moved centrally. The patient is asked to say when they first see the object. Each quadrant is tested and the location of the blind spot determined.

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