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A Question of Final Belief: John Hick’s Pluralistic Theory of Salvation

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The Concept of Canonical Intertextuality and the Book of Daniel

In proposal of Canonical Intertextuality and the ebook of Daniel, the writer undertakes to make the suggestions of intertextuality and canon feedback extra understandable within the box of religious study. This quantity is a mixture of, at the one hand, an remark of intertextuality, canon feedback, inner-biblical exegesis, intratextuality and kanonische intertextuelle Lektuere and, nevertheless, an inductive examine of the Masoretic textual content of Daniel, of its connections with different texts of the Hebrew Bible, and of transparent passages within the Greek textual content of the hot testomony.

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The silence of the Muratorian Canon, also a Roman document, is admittedly embarrassing, but there may be some explanation of this which eludes us. On the assumption that the Appstle himself or one of his immediate circle is the author, the claim that the letter was despatched from Rome is entirely acceptable, for it accords with reliable tradition about the closing phase of his life. Even on a theory of pseudonymity in the strict sense, there is nothing intrinsically objectionable in a Roman origin; in the Neronian persecution, and possibly later, the church of the capital had a specially poignant experience of suffering, and might well have 33 THE EPISTLES OF PETER AND OF JUDE felt moved to send a message of encouragement, in the name of its martyred hero, to other communities faced with similar testing.

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