By Mulugeta Seyoum

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KE⁄ne⁄ /eft-im deis-i-n dog bird-ACC kill-PF-3 ‘A dog killed a bird’ 30. /eft-im kE⁄ne⁄ deis-i-n bird-ACC dog kill-PF-3 ‘A dog killed a bird’ In intransitive clauses also nominative case is not morphologically marked as in example (31). 31. ’ The accusative case identifies object nouns; it is marked by -im. It is suffixed to the patient or affected constituent of two argument verbs. This is in line with what accusative markers do in related languages. It is marked both in definite and indefinite nouns as comparison of (32a) and (33a) with (32b) and (33b), illustrates.

143b. 9 Allomorphs of the imperfective marker ‘He is a boy’ ‘She is a girl’ Due to consonant co-occurrence restriction, voicing and devoicing, and palatal assimilation processes the imperfective marker -de⁄e⁄ has variant forms. 144a. 144b. 144c. 144d. -déé -téé (devoicing) -t’éé/Îéé (glottalization) -éé (consonant deletion) Examples in (145a-d) demonstrate the above four variant forms of the imperfective aspect marker respectively. 145a. 145b 145c 145d /ate nu nu nu /a⁄d-dee-t deis-te⁄e-n naÂe wuc‹’-t’e⁄e-n/-Îéé-n /aXs-ee⁄-n ‘I will come/I come’ ‘he kills’ ‘he drinks water’ ‘he breaks’ The initial consonant of the imperfective suffix dee becomes voiceless due to the preceding voiceless consonant (145b).

32a. s#iftaye zit-i⁄m shiftaye ox-ACC ‘Shiftaye bought an ox’ s#in-i-n buy-PF-3 32b. s#iftaye zit-i⁄s-im s#in-i-n shiftaye ox-DEF-ACC buy-PF-3 ‘Shiftaye bought the ox’ 33a. s#iftaye ziti⁄ s’a⁄n-ub-im shiftaye ox black-M-ACC ‘Shiftaye bought a black ox’ s#in-i-n buy-PF-3 33b. s#iftaye ziti⁄ s’a⁄n-ub-is-im s#in-i-n shiftaye ox black-M-DEF-ACC buy-PF-3 ‘Shiftaye bought the black ox’ As examples (32a) to (33b) demonstrate the accusative marker occurs phrase finally. If there is no modifier, the accusative marker is suffixed to the noun.

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