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13 The paper is concerned with consumer reactions to questions of quality and uncertainty and the problems they pose for conventional economic 46 A Theory of Support and Money Bargaining market theory. The fourth study, by Joe Bain, published in 1954, is concerned with barriers to entry to markets. 14 Bain investigates empirically the validity of the economic assumption that entry to markets is free. The interest of the study for present purposes lies in the difficulties encountered by Bain in studying entry to something that, in the light of Jenner's (1966) work and that of other writers, is a highly ambiguous concept.

Economic theorists have consciously and systematically modelled their methods on the natural sciences, as the only means of securing knowledge that is something more than mere opinion. Logic, rationality and mathematics, the tools of the natural sciences, have been applied, for the most part, to material objects or phenomena that are generally understood in terms of material objects. Like the natural sciences also, it has generally been assumed that these objects exist independently of their observers, and for all practical purposes as observed, and economic theorists have consequently dispensed with any consideration of the perceptual processes by which we have knowledge of external objects.

Conflict theory is a notable illustration of paradigmatic perception. Its users are committed to seeing conflict in all social intercourse. To the extent that conflict is suppressed or ambiguously manifested, the primary variable of the paradigm is largely an imputation of the theorist to the subject. Furthermore, relative levels of conftict are difficult to establish. This is particularly true when conflict theory is applied to broad political processes, such as in RalfDahrendorf's Class and Class Conflict in Industrial Society.

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