By Richard Horsley

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This statement highlights either the socio-political context of one Corinthians and the conflict of considerably assorted non secular viewpoints represented by way of Paul and the congregation he had based in Corinth. specifically, Richard Horsley indicates that this letter presents a window wherein one may perhaps view the stress among the Corinthians' curiosity in cultivating person spirituality and the apostle's trouble for increase a social-religious neighborhood dedicated to the typical virtue, for the flourishing either one of own dignity and a humanizing unity.

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Since these terms occur only or distinctively in 1 Corinthians, they must have been language with which some of the Corinthians expressed their self-understanding. They seem to have thought of themselves as "spiritual" people endowed with "spiritual gifts" and "spiritual" understanding of "spiritual things" (2:14-16; 10:3-4; 12:1; 14:1, 37; 15:44-46). , Wis 6:15; 9:6; Philo, Anim. 8-9; Somn. 10-11) show that it formed a whole pattern of religious devotion focused on Sophia. Although the spiritual-psychic distinction does not appear there, the synonymous term "mature/perfect" in contrast with a mere "infant" refers to the exalted spiritual status achieved by one who receives or is devoted to Sophia.

In contrast with the faith, hope, love, and partnership in the gospel for which Paul offers thanks in 1 Thess 1:3 and Phil 1:5, 9, Paul focuses here on "speech" (logos), "knowledge" (gnosis), and "spiritual gifts" {charismata; vv. 5, 7), anticipating his critique of them later in the letter (1:18-2:4; 8; 1 2 - 1 4 ) . Paul evaluates the Corinthians' spiritual gifts of speech and knowledge in this highly positive evaluation at the outset of the letter in order to elicit their positive disposition to the arguments that follow.

Those separating from their spouses argued "it is well for a man not to touch a woman" (7:1). The eating of food sacrificed to idols was rooted in the "knowledge" that "no idol in the world really exists," that "there is no God but one" (8:1, 4), and that "all things are lawful" (10:23; cf. 33 INTRODUCTION 6:12). Clearly there had been major developments in the Corinthian assembly since Paul departed the city over two years earlier. Various explanations have been offered for the emergence of the beliefs and behavior Paul is addressing in 1 Corinthians.

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