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ISBN-10: 191013211X

ISBN-13: 9781910132111

Achtung! Cthulhu is a terrifying global warfare atmosphere, absolutely appropriate with the decision of Cthulhu, 6th variation and Savage Worlds roleplaying games.

Discover the mightiest terrors of the Mythos: the nice previous Ones, the Outer Gods, and their foul servitors and cultists; the spells and artefacts that may be delivered to undergo opposed to them in mankinds fight for survival; and the unusual and weird guns that may simply be the saviours folks all or turn out to be our downfall.

Terrors of the key conflict extends the horror at the battlefield over 128 complete color pages, and includes:
- a brand new and simplified mass wrestle process for taking up the Mythos greatest threats
- Descriptions of greater than 25 gods and their lackeys, their strategies, and their weaknesses together with nice Cthulhu himself
- tricks and the way to comprise Terrors on your personal crusade, and the way to sq. as much as them
- New artefacts, spells, and guns corresponding to the Allies so-called “lightning weapons to assist take the struggle to the enemy
- in truth, an entire dossier's worthy of helpful details that can assist you extend your crusade out into the broader international (and murkiest depths) of the key warfare.

Requires the decision of Cthulhu sixth variation or Savage Worlds Rulebooks to play. it is a complement to be used with the Achtung! Cthulhu: Investigator's and Keeper's Guides.

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Discover the key background of worldwide conflict - tales of the superb heroism which struggled to overthrow a nightmare alliance of technological know-how and the occult, of scary inhuman conspiracies from the depths of time, and the incredible struggle machines that have been the manufactured from Nazi medical genius - and the way shut all of us got here to a slithering end!

A sizeable gaming universe unfolds with the Achtung! Cthulhu publications, supplementations, campaigns, miniatures and extra.

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We scattered from the area as best we could. I don’t know what happened to that giant floating eye, but it was clearly killing Fritz like it was killing us, maybe more so. If it was a super-weapon, they couldn’t control it either. We salvaged nothing, but I’m not certain there was anything left to take, once that thing had done its work. I think they must have gone back up the valley, maybe to the caves. If that makes sense, it is the only thing that does. What hallucination did I witness? A procession of torchlight came out of the valley then, carried by what looked like chanting Nazi monks, if there could be such a thing.

Weapons: Grapple 40%, damage 1D6+db. Blood Drain 100%, see Special Rules. Crush 45%, damage 1D6+db. Skills: Listen 60%, Spot Hidden 60%. Armour: 2 points of tough, wrinkled skin. Greater brothers can only be harmed by enchanted weapons or magic. Spells: Contact Chaugnar Faugn, Summon/Bind Lesser Brothers of Chaugnar Faugn, plus any other spells deemed appropriate by the Keeper. Both types of creature have humanoid bodies and skeletal heads sporting tattered, webbed ears. Sanity Loss: if mistaken for a statue 0/1D4; if moving 1D3/1D8.

P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu. — 42 - THE FACES OF TERROR CTHYLLA Daughter of Cthulhu Giant squid are known to science but have not been known to exceed 50 ft (15m) in length. They certainly do not produce “sizzling holes” in wrought steel! Nor do they (as we have on good authority from other accounts) fly. A spawn of none other than the Dread Cthulhu, this creature may be the source of legends of great sea monsters, or kraken, dating back through recorded history to the hafgufa of Norse legend.

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