By Dr. med. habil. László Záborszky (auth.)

ISBN-10: 3540110763

ISBN-13: 9783540110767

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PERIPEDUNC. N. PARABIGEMiNALIS N. PARABRACHIALIS O. RET. RET. LAT. Fig. 21. Schematic summary of courses and terminations of fibers running through the zona incerta-Forel's field (decussatio supraoptica). Cells of origin are show on the basis of HRP injections into the retrochiasmatic area. Topography of pathways as judged from literature and own data. Shaded area in top figure is shown in the upper right micrograph. (Luxol fast blue-cresyl violet stain. 1 Methodological Considerations The three types of approaches - anterograde degeneration, retrograde HRP transport, and biochemystry - did not conform in all results.

Cortical amygd. nucleus Basomedial amygd. nucl. Basolateral amygd. nucleus VIP,CCK SP, ANG, VIP, ENK, SS, NT + SP, VIP, SS ++ ENK, NT, SP VIP, ENK, SS ± VIP, CCK, SS VIP, SP, SS VIP, NT, SS + + ++ ++ + + + ++ ++ + ± + + + ++ ++++ ++++ + + + ++ + Hippocampus (v. subiculum) SS, VIP, CCK + + +++++ +++ + ++ ++++ ± ± + + +++ - no labeled cells, ± 1 cell/animal, + 1 cell/section, ++ < 5 cells/section, +++ < 10 cells/section, ++++< 20 cells/section, +++++ > 20 cells/section For other abbreviations, see Table 1 ventromedial part of the MFB.

Part of the SGC (Fig. 11), fibers can be traced with light microscopic degeneration technique up to the posterior and dorsomedial hypothalamic nuclei. After similar lesions (Table 2), electron microscopy could reveal degenerated nerve endings in the NA and NVM (Zaborszky and Palkovits 1978, Palkovits and Zaborszky 1979). Table 2. Degenerated nerve terminals in the MBH after various brain stem lesions a Arcuate nucleus Ventromedial nucleus Median eminence Periventricular nucleus Dorsal Ventral SGC SGC Long Al post cut A2 + + + + + + + + + + + + + + AS A6 A7 cell groups A8 + + + + + RD + + + aLocation of lesions: Fig.

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