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62 Like Schweitzer, Williams renounces the preoccupation with impersonal rules of obligation set forth by both utilitarians and Kantians. Also like Schweitzer, Williams regards ethics as primarily about character. In turn, character is largely structured by a nexus of personal ‘ground projects’, or what Schweitzer calls projects of love, that are not incumbent on everyone. These projects include particular loves and friendships, work commitments, and voluntary service to communities, all of which give meaning to our lives and motivate active engagement in the world.

And ascribing a will-to-live to plants and lower animals is anthropomorphic insofar as ‘will’ implies conscious intentions, desires and beliefs. In part, Schweitzer’s anthropomorphism emerges from his metaphysics. If each organism is part of a universal Will to Live, and if the basic features of that universal will are present or manifested in all living organisms, then anthropomorphism is virtually inevitable, especially if we begin by reflecting on our own will to live. Without this metaphysics, however, there is no basis for literal ascriptions of human properties to plants and protozoa.

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