By Ronna Weltman

ISBN-10: 1596680970

ISBN-13: 9781596680975

Artistically combining polymer clay with twine, this designated guide teaches crafters and jewellery makers how you can create natural, subtle, and modern jewellery. a variety of leading edge suggestions in designing beads and elements from polymer clay are mixed with wireworking components, encouraged clasps and ear wires, cord bead caps, polymer clay tipped head pins, and extra for a signature glance. Explaining basics of bijou layout, this handbook additionally delves into what makes a bit «primitive» and the way to accomplish an natural influence via colour blending and textures. incorporated are a wide selection of polymer clay and twine jewellery layout and texture thoughts, 15 one of a kind exact tasks, and a gallery of accomplished works.

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Cure for 30 minutes, cool, and apply brown shoe polish with a firm paintbrush. Rub off the excess shoe polish with a soft cloth or paper towel. 53 Mix clay according to the Bumpy Teal Bead Color Recipe above and roll out a sheet on the thickest setting of the pasta machine. Then follow Steps 12~14 on p 38 , covering the packing peanuts with the Bumpy Teal Bead clay mixture. In Step 14, texture the bead by making dots with the flat end of wooden skewer. 54 After the bead is cured and cooled, use a brush, soft cloth, or your fingers to rub the surface with white antiquing medium or acrylic paint, then immediately lightly wipe the paint off with a cloth or paper towel so it remains in the crevasses, while allowing the clay to show through on the surface.

Continue laying strings of clay until the bead is covered, taking care not to make the strings perfectly straight but a little "bent" or "wiggly" so the bead has movement . If some strings break while you're laying them down-no problem! You want a primitive, organic look (Figure 13). I. a,I, 57 Before curing, use the tissue blade to cut the clay strings off at the edge of the bead so you have flush ends. Do this by holding the bead on the needle tool in your nondominant hand and holding the tissue blade in your dominant hand.

56 Extrude a long, narrow string of clay using the leftover String Bead clay from Step 55. Holding the uncured round bead on a needle tool, lay strings of clay over the surface of the bead horizontally between the holes (Figure 12). Tap them down gently so they stick to the bead and tear them off near the edge of the bead, allowing them to overlap a little onto the needle tool. Continue laying strings of clay until the bead is covered, taking care not to make the strings perfectly straight but a little "bent" or "wiggly" so the bead has movement .

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